Saturday, March 12, 2011


My name is TREVEION MICHAEL WHITAKER. I am a designer! I might not have my own line, but i do design clothes. I believe that art in itself is to delight and inform. Most of my inspiration comes from pop culture and the 70's. Im a huge fan of Twiggy, and Mary Quant. My designs are mostly modern-contemporary. I try to attract the every day young adult both male and female, with an outrageous, and eccentric sense of style. This Blog, will be my weekly opportunity to show the world the best I can do. Hopefully, I will become as great and as magnificent as my all time favs: Alexander Mcqueen, Atsuko Kudo, Calvin Klien, Alexander Wang, Juicy Coture, and many many more.I Love both positive and negative feed back. So let me know your opinion.I have to give credit to my art teachers Mr. Wilson and Ms. Lawson and all my teachers to come, because without them I wouldn't be who i am today, which is a total Fauvist. Im still in high school, but I am aiming for a college education at FIDM, The Academy Of Coture Arts, or The Academy of Arts. Wherever the world takes me Im willing to go. Im  often enfluenced by foreign designs, such as Japanese Harjuku Girls, or French Coture. From Traditional African and Mexican wardrobes, to English Retro styles. 

All in All, this is my blog, TRENDY NARCOTICS, so stay posted for my updates!