Friday, April 22, 2011


Okay, in my Art 2 class, we've been given an assignment to draw "oneself as other". 
Meaning create a self portrait with the characteristics of a person u look up to. 
I chose Cristobal Balenciaga! Simply because he went for nothing, to becoming the center of attention of Royal  Spaniards who wore his designs. 
So, ive been practicing in my bathroom mirror, when i thought to myself, this would be so much easier if i could stay still. 
So i decided to take a picture, and then draw myself from the picture. Is that cheating?? Well, i think it came out nice, so its okay. 

This is the original picture I took, the cliche Facebook teenager pose. 

And this is my drawing. I got some red watercolor on the side of it because it was laying on my desk, but, happy mistakes! While drawing this I was Thinking of "Katniss: the girl who was on fire"-from the hunger games. Since her being from a coal district, i mostly used pencil and just a little color for my skin tone. I think i did pretty darn good! Dont you?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am doing a scholarship contest for FIDM, and i thought it came out good. Okay,,,, to start this blog off, i am really pissed! I thought this thing was dues 4/15/11, buh its really due 5/16/11.
What a bummer! But its okay, its actually a good thing.
Because it put some fire under my procrastinating behind!
So now i know what i can do under pressure, which i gotta say is pretty good. However now that i have more tome, i know i can do better~

I like how this came out, no change!

I love how this came out, no change!

IDK about this one, why dont u give me ur opinion?

This one is for sure a must change!! I did this really quick, and i know i can do way better! My coloring is half-ass, and my lines aren't great. Bottom line... I can do way better.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


We've come up with this new term : "HIPSTER".
Allow me to define it for you; One who possesses tastes, social attitudes, and opinions deemed cool by the cool.
My friends consider me a hipster, maybe I am. I like to think that the term hipster has been derived from hippie, and I love hippies. 
It is indeed spring time, and when i think of spring, i think of WOOD STOCK! 
So i have created a chic Hippie two piece with white cork wedges. 
A young woman within early twentys would probably sport this on the beach. 
I uses a croqui from Nancy Regilmen. Since i am not that good at drawing humans proportional. 
But the design is all my own. H 2 T: head to toe. 
I was isnpired by my best friend Rachel Robles, So i wanna dedicate this post to her. Shes been going through some stuff, but i still love her!