Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am doing a scholarship contest for FIDM, and i thought it came out good. Okay,,,, to start this blog off, i am really pissed! I thought this thing was dues 4/15/11, buh its really due 5/16/11.
What a bummer! But its okay, its actually a good thing.
Because it put some fire under my procrastinating behind!
So now i know what i can do under pressure, which i gotta say is pretty good. However now that i have more tome, i know i can do better~

I like how this came out, no change!

I love how this came out, no change!

IDK about this one, why dont u give me ur opinion?

This one is for sure a must change!! I did this really quick, and i know i can do way better! My coloring is half-ass, and my lines aren't great. Bottom line... I can do way better.

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